I don’t like to be photographed…

Astra, a mom of two girls of 6 and 3, called us because she finally decided she was ready for family photos. Her “girls are in such a sweet age,” she said, “I want beautiful photos of them.”

She was very excited and inspired when we talked on the phone, describing to me the girls’ personalities and the moments she wanted me to capture. Her husband Toby was much less into the whole idea. Yes, he “wants some cute pictures of the family” but he is “uncomfortable in front of the camera,” and he doesn’t think he “can do all the posing and perfect smiling”.

He was happy to find out that we would be capturing spontaneous, real moments where people don’t need to pose. Often our families even forget that they’re being photographed.

They both loved their photographs.

The challenge (as usual) was to pick the absolute best for their wall art and album.