How to Become an Actor and How Headshots Can Help

How to Become an Actor and How Headshots Can Help

Acting is a dream many people have. And because acting has so many genres – stage, screen, live-action and more – the good news is that acting is a career that needs and accepts people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Natural aptitude and skill level play a huge role in establishing a newbie in the acting world. Here are a few steps you can take to get started.

  1. Take an acting class. If you’ve never acted before, or if you just want to refine your skills, taking an acting class is the best way to hone your talent.

  2. Join a community of working actors. They can provide you with camaraderie, tales of experience, and invaluable audition and job leads.

  3. Find a reputable agent. An agent is invaluable! They’re like having a strategic partner with their finger on the pulse of the acting world.

One of the first things your agent will advise you to do is to get a good set of headshots. They’re a must for every step of an acting career. These tips will help you get the headshot that can launch – or relaunch – your career.

  1. Take at least one glossy, full-color headshot. It will show off your skin tone, the color of your eyes and your full facial features.

  2. Headshots can display a range of emotions that can give directors and producers insight into your acting range.

  3. Have a commercial headshot for advertising and musical theater auditions, and a theatrical headshot for dramatic auditions including TV and film roles.

Headshots and resumes are two of the most important tools in the actor’s arsenal. Of course there’s a whole lot more to it, but taking these simple tips and getting the headshots you can’t do without will get you started in the right direction. Call us today and schedule the photo shoot that can lunch your acting career.

How to Take Professional Headshots – DIY

How to Take Professional Headshots – DIY 

Sometimes the budget simply does not have room for a professional photographer. Unfortunately, lack of funds does not eliminate the need for headshots. Approach taking your own headshots with a professional air and an eye toward impressing your client. You might even wind up impressing yourself with the results if you follow these three simple tips.

  1. Create The Best Lighting You Can

Depending on your career path, this might mean taking pictures in the vastness of NYC. Nature’s light is simply the best and NYC has a variety of outdoor settings from cool and eclectic to professional and historic to choose from. If you’re going for a more professional air, take photos in the most well-lit room you can find or create.

  1. Perfect Your Pose

Get in front of the largest mirror you can find and start practicing. Look at yourself from a variety of angles. Try head on, full frontal poses. Try poses with your arms crossed and a big – but not too big – smile. Try leaning to each side. Take special note of how your posture looks best – sitting or standing. Sitting might lead you to slouch, while standing can give you a more imposing air.

  1. Use A Timer and A Tripod

No matter what device you’re using – smart phone, digital camera or whatever – get very familiar with the timer. This will let you know how many seconds you have between poses and eliminate resetting the camera between shots. A tripod keeps the camera out of your hand and gets rid of that selfie look and feel which is great for fun and games, but not for career and corporate.

Take your time, take a lot of poses, and choose the best two or three. Of course, by all means, if you can afford a professional photographer, go for it. If not, dress your best, wear your best makeup, and get ready to create your own calling card with your headshots.

New York Headshots – Inside or Out?

Headshots NYC

Headshots Outside

New York Headshots – Inside or Out?

Professional headshots are an instrumental part of advancing your career or, if you’re an entrepreneur, building your brand. If you’re torn between taking headshots in a studio or other professional setting or taking them in the great outdoors amid the beauty and uniqueness of NYC, consider these three decision making factors.

  1. The Look You Want To Achieve

Shooting outdoors can create a breezy, adventurous look perfect for a coach, botanist or similar professional. An outdoor setting has the advantage of natural light and nature’s beauty. Conversely, indoor photo shoots can recreate similar lighting and lend a professional air. Indoors with professional backdrops and accessories, it’s easy to create a more corporate look and feel.

  1. The Weather or Not

The lead salesman or designer of a snowboarding start-up would be smart to get headshots in NYC’s winter wonderland. The CEO might do better to opt for a more standard, indoor shot – not necessarily in a suit and tie, but in more office appropriate attire. There are other examples of situations where both indoor and outdoor photo shoots can work for the same company or organization.

  1. The Comfort Factor

If headshots do nothing else, they should convey your personality. If you’re truly an outdoor enthusiast at heart and feel more comfortable in that setting, by all means have your headshots taken outside. NYC has a number of beautiful monuments and statues that lend themselves to professionals. An attorney, for example, can get imposing headshots outside a courthouse.

The number one consideration of your headshots is you. Respect your photographer’s experience and listen to their recommendations. They know what they’re doing and have experience that can guide you in the right direction. You have the advantage, though, of knowing your target audience and of knowing yourself. Decide where you’ll truly be most comfortable and go for it!

5 Tips For Ending Up With The Best Headshot NYC Has To Offer


Headshots NYC by Iryna Sosnovska

5 Tips For Ending Up With The Best Headshot NYC Has To Offer

The headshot is an important branding and marketing tool for just about everyone. From business owners to online daters to athletes to actors, everyone needs a headshot. Check out these three tips for getting the most from your headshot.

  1. Ask your fellow New Yorkers for referrals. NYC natives are nothing if not brutally honest. If you love their headshot and they loved their photography session, they’ll certainly guide you in the right direction.

  2. Professional headshot implies using the services of a professional photographer. The headshot that represents the image you wish to project to the world is worth investing in. Don’t just go for the most expensive photographer, though. Instead, opt for the one with the best reputation and proven results.

  3. Choose a photographer who has the patience and skill to help your personality shine in your photo. You don’t want a headshot that looks like every other headshot. You want one that looks like you and instills expertise and trust.

  4. Choose clothing appropriate to your industry and aim for tasteful makeup. Necklines that flatter your face and makeup that highlights your best feature will be more appealing than a plain black suit and a stoic expression.

  5. Opt for a photographer who has all the equipment they need to make the most of your session. A photographer with a well-outfitted studio has the professional talent and experience to know which pieces of equipment are truly necessary and which are just fancy bells and whistles.

Your headshot is your professional calling card. It will grace your social media accounts, presentation materials, and go a long way in establishing your brand identity. Choose the NYC pro who can make you look fantastic in a thumbnail pic and in a full-size photo. Choosing the right photographer is crucial in getting a headshot you and your clients will love.

3 Reasons a Professional Headshot Is a Perfect Business Investment

photo of a teacher in NY nursery

Professional Headshot by Iryna Sosnovska

3 Reasons a Professional Headshot Is a Perfect Business Investment

Remember when a business card was the go-to business tool? That little rectangle with printed information on it had the power to open doors for you in your business or career. Those days are long gone. Today’s digital world requires so much more. Corporations and small businesses are reliant on websites and social media to attract new prospects and engage with existing ones. Headshot photography and corporate headshots have now become a must-have.

You’ve worked hard to establish your career, and putting your best foot forward with a polished image is important for your company, your existing and potential clients, and your established and growing network.  Our professional photography skills can help you showcase your personality, look your best, and advance your career.

From business cards to LinkedIn – the leading social network for business pros – to corporate catalogs and brochures, professional headshots are an indispensable part of doing business. Consider these career-enhancing reasons you should invest in an updated headshot today.

1.     You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your website or social media presence is typically the first look a potential client or employee has into your world. Your goal should be to present yourself in the most professional light possible.
2.     Headshot photography and corporate headshots provide a cohesiveness that helps increase awareness of you as a business leader and of your corporate brand. It makes you more easily recognizable across varying platforms.
3.     There’s a timeless adage that says people do business with people they know, like, and trust. A good headshot can showcase your personality and create that needed element of familiarity and trust.
 Corporate headshots are an important investment in your future. Don your best outfit and consider using a professional makeup artist. Sit up straight, smile demurely, and follow the directions of your skilled photographer. Call us at (917) 370-9741 or email us at to schedule your headshot photography or corporate headshot session today. It’s one of the best career moves you can make.