About Iryna Sosnovska Photography

There is something magical for me about portraits. They have such an amazing power on us. They connect us to our memories, to those we love.

As a portrait photographer I feel a great responsibility and honor to preserve these special pieces of people’s lives. When I photograph families, especially families with small kids, my feeling of responsibility doubles. As a mother of a five-year-old, I’m constantly aware that I’m capturing moments that soon will be gone forever.

I try to create portraits that you not only see but feel. That’s why, for me, backgrounds and props are secondary. The moments, and the special bonds between people that give you shivers every time you look at a photograph, come first. My goal is to give people something they will cherish five, ten or thirty years from now – an art piece they can someday pass on to their grown-up children.

I think my talent is to capture the unspoken, that special something that comes through from under the surface and really shows what your family is about. I’m good at telling stories with photographs.

I developed this style in my early career as a photo journalist, more than ten years ago in my home city of Kiev. Working for a series of publications, including Britain’s Financial Times, I found I was at my best when taking impromptu portraits of people in the news. I started experimenting with pure portrait photography and completely fell in love with it.

I’ve been doing portraits for eleven years now. I’m happy to use my knowledge and skills to document special times in people’s lives.

Iryna Sosnovska with her daughter Marielle in Central Park

Iryna with her daughter Marielle



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